Top 3 Best Waterproof Ground Blinds

What is the best ground blind?

In a previous article we shared best blind characteristics that will help you choose the right ground hunting blind. Based on that knowledge, we have listed some blinds with the qualities that make them worth your time and investment.

Barronett Radar 2 Person Ground Hunting Blind,  Pop Up, Camo

Hunt in pairs when you set out with this easy-to-carry pop-up camo blind. It has 6 trapezoid windows and one rear window to give you a good view of what’s coming behind you. With the duffel bag that is oversized and designed with a strap, you can conveniently move your hunting blind from one spot to another.

Barronett Radar Ground Hunting Blind 2 Person Pop Up Portable Backwoods Camo
Barronett Radar Ground Hunting Blind 2 Person Pop Up Portable Backwoods Camo

The windows offer you an ease to observe and target your game without a zipper to scare them. Setting up this pop up blind is as simple as popping out the sides and roof to erect it in your choice spotting area.

Other designs of blind by Barronett include Grounder 250 Woodland and Grounder 250 Snow.

Ameristep Hunting Blind for Outhouse

Solo-hunting? Choose Ameristep Outhouse Blind. They are tall and small with a real tree edge camo body. The 78” footprint height gives you enough room to handle your gun when you sight a spot.

They are water-resistant and will require waterproofing material spray to improve the exterior. The storage pack has backpack straps that enables you to move the blind around between hunting spots conveniently. It comes with tent stakes and tie-down ropes to help secure the blinds to a tree branch or other elements in the environment.

Ameristep Hunting Blind For Outhouse
Ameristep Hunting Blind For Outhouse

Ameristep makes other amazing hunting blinds like their Throwdown Run-and-Gun, Doghouse Ground Blind, and Care Taker Ground Blind. You can take advantage of any of these blinds for your hunting expedition.

GhostBlind Mirror Predator Blind 4-Panel

For hunters who like to sit when you go hunting, GhostBlind Mirror Blind is a go-to option for sporting your game. It’s a lightweight blind that mirrors the vegetation where you set it up. It has ports that allow you to conveniently shoot through in a sitting position whether you’re using a gun, crossbow, or bow. The ports are 12” high and 4” wide with 4 panels that cover you up to 180 degrees.

The greatest advantage of this blind is that it reflects the vegetation of the game you are hunting for. When tilted in the right direction and staked properly, the blind reflects whatever is on the ground beneath it. This is useful for an all-season hunt in almost every woodland.

Ghostblind Mirror Predator Blind 4 Panel
Ghostblind Mirror Predator Blind 4 Panel

GhostBlind also offers a 6-Panel Runner Blind and carry bag for predator blind.


If you get the right blind for hunting, you’re sure to fare better during the hunting season. Think about yourself as well when you choose a blind. Your height definitely plays a role in the type of blind you choose. Also, your budget plays a role. As much as possible, never substitute quality for price. It always backfires.

Lastly, a waterproof blind isn’t exactly the same as a water-resistant blind. Waterproof blinds prevent water from getting into the tent entirely thereby keeping you dry even in the rains. A water-resistant blind may leak water if the weather puts it under pressure. Be sure to check the description to know what you are buying.

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